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Alexandra Collins

Founder and Creative Director of Alexandra Studios, Alexandra believes in the importance of thoughtful, cohesive, and beautiful design — whether that's in the home or branding a business. What started off as what we call a "side-hustle" from her corporate 9-5, has become a reality of what she's always dreamed of — creative freedom, flexibility, and a life on her own terms.

Alexandra spent her childhood globally — Germany, England, Holland, among other locations due to her unique upbringing as a dependent in the U.S. Air Force. From a young age, she was fully immersed in a culture outside of the States, learning European heritage with weekend trips to Poland - discovering the art of how Polish pottery was made - sliding down historical salt mines in Switzerland, and trying to walk among the exquisite tulip fields in authentic Dutch wooden clogs. Once a resident in the States, Alexandra retreated to the arts; rearranging her room every other month, reading visual art books she found in Germany, and creating art and crafts with her mother.

Alexandra and her husband decided to flip their lives upside down in the beginning of 2019. They moved across the country to Upstate New York in search of an entrepreneurial, slow, and community-based lifestyle that the Hudson Valley provides.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in D.C., years in both start-up and corporate settings, such as Architectural Digest and Zillow, she’s passionate to share her unique perspective and talents with the world.

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