2019 Kingston Showhouse Design Series: Sydney Bowers


Featuring New York Artist, Sydney Bowers.

The office design I created for the 2019 Kingston Design Connection Showhouse was made possible by many, many hands and talents. I’m excited to introduce the next artist who contributed a painting to my room design, Sydney Bowers.

‘Sean’ Oil on Panel by Sydney Bowers

‘Sean’ Oil on Panel by Sydney Bowers


I found Sydney’s work from Maryline Damour of Damour and Drake. The use of bold colors and the way her portraits were portrayed immediately drew me in (the paint strokes are even better in person — the photo does not do it justice). I chose ‘Sean’ due to the side profile and use of bold colors. The color, red specifically, creates beautiful contrast against the darker paint and furniture colors in the room. I’m delighted to feature Sydney’s work.

I asked her a few questions for us all to get to know her and her craft a bit better ...

Tell us a little bit about your background — where did you get started?
Growing up I was always taking after school and weekend art classes at my local art center- shoutout to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts! I went on to graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011, and am currently in my final year of grad school at the New York Academy of Art.

Sydney Bowers

Sydney Bowers


What sparked your passion for painting and creating?
My mom! She’s an incredibly creative person and didn’t have the opportunity to pursue art as more than a hobby.

What is your favorite part of the process?
Starting a painting is the most exciting part. I always start very loose, making sure nothing is too precious at the beginning. 

I'm sure all the pieces you create are special to you but do you have a piece in particular that you would call a 'favorite'? Tell us about it!
I have a few paintings that I consider to be touchstones, pieces that I felt like I learned something while I painted them. It always helps me to look back at that work when I’m feeling a little lost.


Where do you draw inspiration from?
Being back in a community of hard working artists in my graduate program has been an amazing way to be introduced to new ideas.

Any exciting projects on the horizon you can tell us about?
My grad school thesis project! 

Thank you so much, Sydney!
You can find more about Sydney Bowers and her work via her website and Instagram.

The 2019 Kingston Design Connection Showhouse is open on the weekends, beginning October 11th. See more details and events here.