Winter PNW Retreats


One thing I love about the PNW is the fall and winter’s … No, not because it gets dark at 3:30PM on super rainy days but because of the atmosphere in nature. I do find inspiration wandering around the city and discovering new places, taking ferry rides, and being surrounded my creativity but also being immersed in the wet woods of the PNW. There’s something about it that makes me feel calm, present, and totally in love with life.

Due to the fact that I still don’t have a steady income and are working through all the unknowns of owning my own business and freelancing, Andrew and I don’t have the means to take a pricey, magical getaway at a cabin in the woods. I result in going “window shopping” on AirBnb and Zillow all the time. Since I’m not able to take a trip to one of these places, perhaps you can for me?

Odell Guest House

I want to start out with the perfect little white cabin that I’ve had saved for a year on AirBnb. It may look familiar to some of you … As it’s actually the cabin that the brand, Schoolhouse used for their winter catalog (many blogger’s I’ve seen have been re-posting it non-stop!). Well my friends, I found it for you and it’s pretty inexpensive to stay. It’s called the Odell Guest House with Views of Mt. Adams in Oregon. How beautiful is it??


All images via Airbnb listing by Christiann Koepke

Rancho Relaxo A-Frame Cabin

Nestled in Rhododendron (quite the name, huh?), near Mt. Hood in Oregon, this cabin has a beautiful mid-century modern take on a wooded cabin.


All images via AirBnb listing.


The Hideout Cabin

This cabin is absolutely stunning and is owned and operated by a former co-worker of mine. The plywood walls, plaid textiles, and overall thought into this architecture and space is impeccable. If you’re looking for a visit to Leavenworth, this is the cabin for you (you can go into town to see the Bavarian-ness :) ).


All images via Airbnb listing.

The Little Owl Cabin

Packwood is definitely a hidden gem (with plenty of A-frame’s and adorable cabin’s), right near the base of Mt. Rainier in WA. The Little Owl Cabin has a hot tub, plenty of wood for a homemade fire and close to a quaint small town to sip your morning (and dreary), cup of local coffee.


All images via Airbnb listing.

Happy travels!!

— A