Holiday Favorites From JUNE


If you have been following my stories on Instagram, you’ll find that we have already been decking the halls around here … I simply could not wait another week! Judge if you must, but the Christmas lights and tree and everything in between just make things that much more brighter around here. In Seattle, it gets dark around ~4:30 this time of year and even earlier in the deep winter months, so the joyful decor helps!

Due to the fact that I don’t have a steady income quite yet, I’m not able to run around purchasing all the beautiful holiday decor (self-discipline when it comes to shopping is not a strong suit of mine). That said, I’ve “window” shopped for you all at one of my favorite shops, JUNE (formerly MÛR lifestyle), so you can shop them for me :). See my picks below!

Happy decking!

All images from and by   JUNE

All images from and by JUNE

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* This is not a paid post.